Thursday, 8 December 2016

My family

My family

Alexander Marcus Vaux

Dad (Edward Richard Vaux)
Born: April 1964 (52)
Specialises in collecting first edition books and selling them on Ebay.
Loves to go to charity shops, auctions and fetes.
Always known by middle name.

Mum (Jane Elizabeth Vaux)
Born: April 1963 (53)
Helps dad with packing and selling books over Ebay, works at More House School as a therapy assistant.
Known to have a bad memory and to be naive.

Sisters (Kathryn Natasha Vaux, Jessica Grace Vaux)
Born: October 1998 & December 2001 (18) & (14)
Katie can be quite stubborn and thinks just about herself sometimes, but has good taste in music.
Jessica is a bit of a tomboy who likes Pokemon, Minecraft and YouTube, and can be quite random.

Cat (Misty)
Born: May 2006 (10)
She can be feisty and a bit frisky.

Dog (Tilly)
Born: April 2013 (3)
She is very hyper and she barks a lot.

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